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House, Car & Property Cleaning

Like our customers, each home cleaning is unique! As the client, you are responsible to provide all needed cleaning materials and supplies to finish a task. We provide a checklist to assist you with communicating to your contract worker which items you want cleaned and what products you’d like them to use. We also listen to special instructions about not dusting that special antique or area of the home. Our main concern is the safety of our Contract Workers which we trust you will keep in mind when assigning tasks! You can also use your contract worker to clean outdoor areas including but not limited to patio furniture, poolside decks, porches, etc. Here is a sample cleaning checklist. The list includes some of the cleaning services we provide but feel free to use your Contract Worker for cleaning items not included on this list.

Download Our Suggested Checklist Below

Lawn Care

Do you want help maintaining your lawn but aren’t willing to pay the astronomical cost to hire a professional lawn company? Maybe you’ve hired a professional company in the past and realized that you were paying to have your lawn mowed when it wasn’t needed because of a contract you signed? Everyone gets weeds and needs help picking them! Why not hire a Contract Worker to come out when its convenient for you and complete the tasks you desire using your materials. The best part is that if they finish early, you can use them to complete other tasks, unlike professional mowing services. The major differences between us and them is that as the client you are required to provide the mower, shovel, etc, and we don’t offer architectural landscaping assistance. By using the Task Checklist, you can help be specific about your needs and where the items can be found to get the job done. Here is the list of lawn care services we provide:

  • Mowing
  • Weeding (either by hand or with a weed eater)
  • Spraying
  • Planting flowers (no shrub or tree planting)
  • Raking, Piling and Bagging of leaves (no burning of leaves)
  • Mulching
  • Fertilizing
  • Harvesting Vegetable Gardens
  • Collecting Fallen Branches/Limbs
  • Cleaning Ponds (no deep walk in ponds)

Since our motto is safety first, we do require all clients to notify Home Help Services if you are requesting a Contract Worker for the purpose of lawn care services requiring the use of machinery (including mowing, hedging) so we can provide you with a qualified Contract Worker.

Packing & Organizing

Packing for a move? Wanting to organize your garage, attic, etc? Sometimes these tasks can seem overwhelming but our hope is to alleviate this work load by providing a Contact Worker. We offer a special one month or month-to-month rate for clients are moving and need assistance on a short term basis. By using Home Help Services, you can have a help to accomplish all needed tasks such as packing, organizing, cleaning, yard work instead of hiring several different companies to perform each task! Even after you’ve moved, you can use us to maintain the yard, keep the house cleaned or just check on the house through our house sitting services.

Pet Sitting

Our pet loving, pet-sitters visit your home to care for your animals while you’re away, allowing you complete peace of mind knowing that your pets are not only in great hands, but are also relaxing right at home where they’re most comfortable. That means no kennel cough, no travel stress, and no anxiety from being confined to a pen or small cage or being in a strange place. And because we care for your animals right in your home, we give your pets the same personal attention you do! Pet sitting includes:

  • Walking – Up to 3x per day
  • Feeding – Up to 2x per day
  • Moving dog(s) inside and outside
  • Basic Grooming – Bathing and Brushing Only
  • Keeping Company – Max 8 hours at a time with at least a 2 hour break in between 8 hour intervals.

The cost of pet sitting remains $10 an hour with a minimum of $10 per visit which is an exception to the regular $30 minimum rule.

**We also don’t sit for livestock or ranch animals.

House Sitting

Going on vacation? Living up North for the summer to escape the summer heat? Why not have the peace of mind that someone is checking in on your home and updating you on how it’s going! We can check the mail, flush the toilets, turning lights on and off, looking for possible repairs needed, etc.

The cost of house sitting remains $10 an hour with a minimum of $10 per visit which is an exception to the regular $30 minimum rule.


From washing, to drying, then folding and ironing, we do it all! Using our Cleaning Checklist leave clear instructions for your contract worker on what items need what treatment and they’ll be sure to complete the task to your satisfaction. Imagine never having to fold another towel or bedding again while only paying $10 an hour for such a service!


Too many things to do and not enough hours in a day? Let us help you! By hiring a Contract Worker, you can use the same person to do a variety of tasks. Here are some general idea of errands you can use a helper for:

  • Grocery Shopping
  • Purchasing Gas for the Mower
  • Picking up/Dropping off Prescriptions
  • Dropping off items left from a Garage Sale
  • Picking up/Dropping off Dry Cleaning
  • Purchasing Gifts and Cards

For the safety of our Clients and the Contract Workers, we do not allow clients to ride in Contract Worker Vehicles or Contract Workers to drive Client Vehicles. For all errands run during a requested job, the Contract Worker will track the miles and the Client will reimburse the worker at a rate of $.50 per mile (please include this in the payment which is made directly at the end of a work time).

Event Assistance

Do you have a wedding coming up? Maybe it’s a dinner party at your home or office? Hire a contact worker to help set up, decorate, serve and clean up! We guarantee with our service to provide at least one Contract Worker but if available, more can be sent to help out. Using the “Task Checklist”, will help you cross your “t’s” and dot your “i’s” to make sure everything on your list is finalized.

Garage Sale Assistance

Have you been looking at that pile of “stuff” in the garage for a while and planning to have a garage sale? Sometimes getting an extra pair of hands is the exact motivation you need to make it happen! Hire a Contract Worker to have you price, organize, set out, sell and clean up your garage sale. Although we do ask that the client stay with the Contract Worker during the sale to ensure items are sold at the Client’s desired price, having that extra hand will definitely be useful.

Elderly Companionship

Do you have a loved one that you’d like to have assistance with? Maybe it’s simply to ensure the safety of your loved one or help with general at home tasks? We have several Contract Workers who would love to help you and your loved one with a variety of services. Although we do not provide Home Health Assistance for those who need medical attention, we will come and keep company while assisting with requested home services.

Seasonal Services

Ever wrap Christmas presents and wish you had someone there to help you out? How about decorating your Christmas tree or putting up Christmas lights? Maybe it’s time for your annual Spring Cleaning? Even at Easter, Halloween, or on the occasional snowfall, it’s great to have an extra pair of hands. Our goal is to provide quality service at an affordable price at a time when it’s convenient for you! We are closed Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Easter Sunday and Thanksgiving Day therefore our Contract Workers are not available for hire on those holidays. We are open and available on all other holidays.

Services NOT Provided

Since the Contract Workers are not certified professionals, we do not offer any of the following services:

  • Childcare, Babysitting or Nanny Care – including leaving children under the age of 13 at the home alone with a Contract Worker.
  • Home Health or Medical Assistance
  • Home or Vehicle Repairs
  • Extensive Gardening – including designer hedging, landscape design, tree planting, use of a chain saw
  • Livestock Animal Sitting
  • Pool Maintenance including chemical checks and repairs
  • Roof Work or work requiring a Contract Worker to get on the roof
  • Use of heavy machinery


Here’s our General To-Do List as a tool to help the Contract Worker servicing you understand the desired task to be completed during the timeframe of the job requested.



Use our Cleaning Checklist as a tool
to help you communicate your needs
and specific requests to the
Contract Worker servicing you.



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