Whether you’re running a multi-campus sized organization or a new startup, Home Help Services can provide affordable, quick and quality service.


We think business should be friendly, courteous and honest. And you’ll get nothing less than the best and most friendly service with HHS!


You need help and we’ve got some excellent helpers! In fact, we specialize in serving. Check out our list of services for ideas on ways we can help!

Memberships Plans

  • Individual $25/month
  • Single location
  • Dependable Services & reasonable price
  • Large contract worker team
  • Workers are extensive screened
  • Easy payment with direct withdrawals
  • Sign Up
  • Corporate $35/month
  • Designed for landlords, business owners, etc
  • Easy online work request
  • Request multiple workers when available
  • Extensively screened workers
  • Easy payment with direct withdrawals
  • Join Now
  • One Month Special $50/single month
  • Good for 30 days only
  • Great for Weddings
  • No contract required
  • Payment due prior to service
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How It Works

We provide a networking service that allows the client (our members) to call requesting service at a set hourly rate either on a regular or irregular basis. Annual Members The client signs a one year contract with Home Help Services and agrees to pay either the entire membership fee up front or pay on a monthly basis. In return they are provided with a contract worker who can perform a variety of task that are HHS approved. The client is responsible to provide the contract worker with any and all needed materials to complete a task. The client also agrees to pay the contract worker a minimum of $10 per hour of work, with a $30 minimum per visit (Pet and House Sitting is a $10 minimum per visit). One-Time Client For clients who might need help cleaning or extra hands with laundry, etc, instead of signing up for an annual contract, these clients can opt to pay for one month of service or month-to-month service at a monthly rate of $50. The contract worker is still able to provide all included services and is still paid the minimum $10 an hour, $30 per visit.

Company Goals

MMission Home Help Services exists to provide a high degree of services for a variety of in home and event related tasks. This company strives to do so in a manner which uploads the level of integrity and professionalism which is expected of its contracted workers. It allows for an affordable membership opportunity for its clients. VVision & Values to be the leader in networking services by providing your city and its surrounding area with the highest level of service. As a company, and as its individual parts, HHS values integrity, honesty, personal excellence, self-improvement and mutual respect. We are committed to providing the contract workers with a positive work experience that is based on respect and dignity. We strive to be create an environment free of harassment or discrimination and instead provide one that embraces diversity and equality.